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Wow! Spartacus Jones has a really great song here!
There are so many great things throughout this song, including the singer's captivating voice, and the trumpet's playful and almost flirtatious line. The percussion at the beginning is a great soft intro to the song, and it serves as a great driving force throughout the song. The way the singer almost bends the pitch between certain words is brilliant! The muted trumpet has a great timbre throughout the song and very nicely balanced. The piano and bass ties everything together very nicely. The vocal range sounds perfect for the singer, she seems very comfortable! 

The vocal line and the trumpet line seem to almost mingle with each other, trading on and off (example: the verse beginning at 1:22). This is unique, and both the vocal line and trumpet lines are spectacular! The singer's voice is so smooth, while the trumpet has a much different timbre and style. This song layers and flows very nicely, starting off with just percussion, trumpet, and voice. Adding the low brass at 1:22 really fills up the song, while also giving the listener a little something different. The string buildup at 2:08 is really beautiful, and all of the small changes, such as the trumpet playing different lines throughout the song, really keeps the audience engaged! The flute and piano lines are unique because they are going back and forth playing the same motifs and trading off with each other; this is very creative! The song fading out at the end emphasizes and finalizes the feeling of the entire song. 

This is a lovely song that has a beautiful vocal line and well executed instrumentation. 

Jazz lovers of all ages would enjoy this beautiful song. 

About the Reviewer: 
Brooke Nilsson hails from Toms River, NJ and has earned her Bachelor’s degrees in Music Education and Music Performance, from Indiana University of Pennsylvania with a concentration on Horn.

Vocalist:Jennifer Middaugh
Trumpet:Frank Campos

Written and Arranged by Spartacus Jones

Recorded and Mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY