Expertly delivering smooth and striking Jazz licks with almost effortless conviction, saxophone holds the center stage for the entirety of this original song. Classic Jazz accompaniment brings the instrumental scene to fully engaging life as Spartacus Jones paints a sonic picture so endearing and emotionally adept, listeners will be hard pressed not to find themselves swaying along to the sweet and sonorous sounds of Dorothy's Blues! 
Masterful performance!  The level of dynamic contrast and emotional salience in the saxophone deliveries are gorgeous and fully engaging - very organic and colorful against the harmonic backdrop.  The background instrumentals are very effective in their roles - helping to illustrate the scene nicely despite the contrast between their electronic nature and the authenticity of the sax.  Fully classic, really remarkable sounds. Really impressive work! 
Listeners with an affinity for instrumental Jazz, Blues, and Swing will be able to appreciate the depth of creative detail on display in Dorothy's Blues - and the skillful saxophone performance delivered is bound to catch the ears of anyone with a love for the instrument!  Bearing classic vibes and a wealth of subtle instrumental musicality, Dorothy's Blues has the potential to succeed both as a stand alone listening experience, and as musical accompaniment for visual media - versatile and veritably enjoyable no matter the context! - Jon W.


About the Reviewer: 

Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field.