I don't know the secret - but bumblebees can fly 

I don't know what's keepin' - the stars up in the sky 

What makes a bird sing? What makes a river flow? 

I don't know the answers and I - don't have to know 


Don't know the reason for the - fish in the sea 

Don't know the reason but I've - Got to be free 

Don't know why I love you - but I know that it's so 

I don't know the reason and I - Don't have to know 


I can't see tomorrow - I don't have a plan 

Don't know what makes me - the way that I am 

I'm on a journey and I've  - got a ways to go 

I don't know my destination and I - Don't have to know


With: Molly MacMillan, piano; Mike Wellen, drums; Doug Robinson, bass. Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones. Recorded and mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, New York.