Royal Blue and me were together 

Since I learned to rope and ride 

He brought out the best in me 

Whatever good I had inside 

But then one day my darlin’ said, 

“He can’t do what he used to do. 

You got to know it’s time to let go 

And say good-bye to Royal Blue.” 

         “You gotta get whatever you can for him 

          And make room for somepony new. 

          You got as many now as I can allow and 

          It’s the practical thing to do.” 


I dragged myself out to his pasture

And right up to me he run. 

I gave him his apple and I took a count of

all the saddles and buckles we won. 

I hated to admit it, 

but what my darlin’ said was true. 

He was gettin’ slow. The years were startin’ to show 

On my old friend, Royal Blue. 

           When it’s time to part it’s time to part 

           No point in askin’ why 

           But it’s hard to find anything that’s good 

           About sayin’ that good-bye. 


I guess nobody’s to blame, when the day finally came 

I was feelin’ mighty low. 

We stood side by side, Royal Blue and I 

And we watched my darlin’ go. 

           ‘Cause Blue and me, we’re partners, you see

            Through thick and thin to the end 

            And I never want to be the kind of man 

            Who could ever sell a friend. 

            So if you’re lookin’ for a good man 

            I’m available since my divorce 

            I’m gonna love you true and all you gotta do is 

            Love my horse.

It's me and you, my Royal Blue...

You're tried and true, my Royal Blue...

Forever me and you, my Royal Blue...

It's me and you, my Royal Blue...




With: Molly MacMillan, piano, Mike Wellan, drums; Doug Robinson, bass; Eric Aceto, violin; Jim Armstrong, Marimba; Frank Campos, trumpet; Eddie B. Smith, percussion. Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones. Recorded and mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, New York.