“…A wonderful work of song craft…”


Review by Steven Azami


Eclectic New York artist Spartacus Jones examines the legacy and influence of myth and legends, with his release of "Just a Story." Sweeping strings and Spanish guitar feature prominently on this mid-tempo, baroque-pop inspired ballad as Jones' rich baritone spins an epic tale of valor and virtue, highlighted by a breathtaking hook. Light Latin percussion lays down a Southwestern-flavored rhythm here, while orchestral elements such as timpani and glockenspiel broaden the scale and scope of the piece, bringing with them a powerful gravitas and grandiosity. Folk and singer/songwriter fans in particular will love the striking prose and chivalrous charm of Spartacus Jones' "Just a Story."

Outstanding production and arrangement, solid mix. Nice song structure and gradual buildup. Fantastic instrumentation, gives it a real cinematic Western vibe that suits the song. Percussion sounds terrific, sits well in the mix. Incredibly compelling chord progression. The guitar fills, flourishes and leads sound great. Amazing vocal performance, powerful and passionate with engaging phrasing and delivery. Memorable, haunting hook. Vocals are perfectly placed front and center stage in the mix. Tremendous lyrical content; it's both empowering and inspirational, with an enduring and timeless quality about it that will resonate with audiences. Overall this is a wonderful work of song craft, and a fine finished track that should have broad appeal across a range of listeners


About The Reviewer   
Steven Azami is a multi-instrumentalist with over 25 years of experience in the music industry. Both as a touring/session player and as a producer, his career has spanned nearly every genre from bluegrass to jazz, from rock to reggae. In addition, his work as a music educator has allowed him to cultivate and foster talent among the next generation of musical explorers.