REVIEW by Andre Avanessian

This is an incredibly well-composed track and I admittedly got instantly lost in it upon my first listening, and in the subsequent listens I began discovering details that grabbed my attention, this is a sign of a great song. I particularly like how the artist has managed to combine genres very subtly, there are elements of folk, flamenco, pop, country, all seamlessly combined and developed. 
Spartacus Jones is an exceptional songwriter who bears tremendous musical dexterity along with a seasoned sense of musicianship. Summer Winds Blow Warm is both a heavily engaging and encapsulating piece of songwriting, with a lyrical theme that is strengthened by beautifully written music. 

At 5 minutes, it's no easy feat to keep a listener continuously engaged, however the way in which the song develops its themes and matures as it goes on is excellent. 
The instrumentation is both exciting and layered, and changing the instrumentation ever so slightly throughout the sections, creates a continued sense of intrigue to where the song will go next, this works extremely well.  
Whilst the song is obviously heavily rooted in folk music, it's interesting how there are subtle elements of other genres woven in. The rhythmic pulse, Spanish guitar flourishes, and the use of more ethnic-sounding percussion in the background hint at a slight flamenco feeling, particularly a Rumba style which is inspired. 

The way in which the track has been recorded gives a feeling of a live performance which adds an energetic quality despite the slow tempo, this creates a sense of intimacy between the listener and the whole band and further enhances the listening experience tenfold.  

The lyrics are both compelling and thought-provoking and provide a strong narrative backbone to the song whilst the vocals express them in an understated manner, showing a great sense of dynamism without being overly overpowering. 

About the Reviewer: 
Andre is a freelance session musician, composer, and sound engineer based in the U.K.

Summer Winds Blow Warm
And winter winds blow cold
Love songs must be sung
And heroes' tales be told
Fools may vie for fame
For riches sold be sold
True love will remain
A greater prize than gold

Living my life as an odyssey
Adventuring along the coast of fantasy
I've sought after fame
I've chased after gold
After all I've seen and done
Here's what I know:


So it  shall be
As it ever has been
The fundamental truth in life is changeless
Not fleeting as fame
Not barren as gold
After all we've seen and done
Here's what we know:


True love will remain
True love will remain
True love will remain
True love will remain


                                                                                                                  For My Brother Ric