Finding a skillful blend of Jazz instrumentations, Pop structures, and Country sensibilities, Spartacus Jones' original tune At the Ritz is a completely unique and wildly musical exploration of optimism in the face of adversity!  New Orleans-style horns keep the mood up as Spartacus relays his outlook on the situation - saying "I believe I'm gonna see better days, 'cause I'm not the kind that quits!" 

Very well assembled!  That clarinet that enters is so unexpected, but so right for the sound - perfectly priming the listener for the gradual transformation into a New Orleans Jazz romp that won't quit! Stellar instrumental musicianship and very tasteful vocal harmonies - but the real star of the sound is Spartacus' vocal tone and lyrical wit.  Nice, rich vocals and a message that acknowledges the bad while focusing on the good?  This is gold! 

Listeners with an affinity for New Orleans Jazz and bouncing ballads of the Country persuasion will find the sonic cocktail of Spartacus Jones' At the Ritz to be everything they didn't know they wanted in a song! Regardless of your listening preferences, a few moments invested into Spartacus Jones' At the Ritz will have you bobbin' along and shouting "Take me home now!" as the Jazz band swells into a joyous frenzy! 

About the Reviewer:
Jon Wright is a trained multi-instrumentalist, vocalist, and music educator with nearly twenty years of experience in the field.


Mike Wellen, Drums; Doug Robinson, Bass; Molly MacMillan, Piano;Frank Campos, Trumpet; Dave Davies, Trombone; Brian Earle, Clarinet; additional vocals by the Burns Sisters (Annie, Marie, and Jeannie)

Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones

Recorded and Mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY