I was the child 

Who dreamed of soaring high above the clouds 

On Pegasus, my steed. 

But I won’t lie 

I never dared to try 

‘til the day you came to me in need. 


And now we’re one 

Like the sunlight and the sun and some may say

that I have done my part 

But I know 

it was you who made me grow 

With the power of your noble heart. 


Was I cruel? 

A thoughtless, selfish fool? 

Is my fate 

To realize too late? 

Forgive the past and we will dance at last 

To the rhythm of your noble heart. 


And when one day 

Your mighty wings must rest, and passing on 

Into legend, you depart 

To leave me healed

Forever more I'll feel 

The power of your noble heart. 


If I’m strong 

And help the weak along 

If I stand 

Yet wield a gentle hand 

If I’m true 

It’s all because of you 

And the power of your noble heart 


If I’m strong and true to what I do 

It’s thanks to you and your noble heart




Dedicated to Kelsey.

From the album, MANY PONIES. Featuring Molly MacMillan, piano; Sera Smolen, cello; Marie Burns, vocal. Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones. Recorded and mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, New York.