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Written and arranged by Spartacus Jones.
Lead vocal, Spartacus Jones; Piano, Molly Macmillan; Bass, Harry Aceto; Drums, Michael Wellen; Guitar, Mike Suave; Violin, Judy Hyman; Additional Vocals, Jen Middaugh. Recorded and mixed by Will Russell at Electric Wilburland, Newfield, NY.


Too Good to Be True

I was having such a sweet dream
What it was, I can’t recall
But I know that you were in it
And the colors of the Fall
And a golden sun was shining
In a sky so clear and blue
And I wanted to keep dreaming
I guess some things are too good to be true

Now I’m laying out my winter clothes and
Wishing I were home
Listening to Simon and Garfunkel
on my old radio
But the piper’s knocking on my door
For payment overdue
And he don’t take no credit cards
I guess some things are to good to be true

You know sometimes I wonder
If you ever think of me
And I wonder whatever happened to the Land of the Free
Maybe we were dreaming
Dreamers can be fools
Or maybe we didn’t dream enough
I guess some things are too good to be true.